My name is Oleg Meshcheryakov. My pseudonym is Jogipa Gonpo. I am a psychic (a clairvoyant and medium). I read events of the past, present and future using the method of extrasensory perception.

   How I do it
I go to bed under the blanket and stay in darkness and silence. I sink into a state of drowsiness and enter the visionary state. I get answers to questions either in audial form (as phrases or words), or in visual form (a static image, or a short video), or in both forms simultaneously. I use sensory deprivation and drowsiness to get visions. If there are other sounds and light, I use a blindfold and earplugs.

My e-mail: jogipagonpo@gmail.com
I reply to messages on the same day, sometimes within two days.

Definitions related to psychic readings
Mysticism is assumption of the existence of supernatural forces.
Occultism is the doctrine of the mystical phenomena.
Esotericism is mystical teachings available to the initiated.
Mystical experience is a contact with otherworldly forces.
Supernatural divine revelation is obtaining information on spiritual matters by supernatural forces, a message from God.
Enlightenment (in Buddhism) is finding the truth about the world.
Religious ecstasy is altered state of consciousness with spiritual awareness.
The spiritual initiation is the reception of a person into a group of people dedicated to the mystical practices.
Mahasiddhas is the name of the people in Hinduism and Buddhism who have reached supernatural abilities – siddhis.
Magic practice is the interaction with otherworldly forces through ritual.
The Oracle at Delphi (Pythia) is the name of the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi (ancient sanctuary in Greece). She served as an oracle.
Edgar Cayce is the name of a deceased American psychic who carried out his readings in a trance resembling sleep.
Vanga is the name of a deceased Bulgarian clairvoyant.
Mediumship is communication with spirits of dead people.
Meditation is a psychotechnic causing altered state of consciousness.
Altered state of consciousness is an altered view of the world.
The secret sign is an event that can be considered as a message from God.

   Psychic questions
Will that person return into my life?
What feels that person in relation to me?
Will that person decline in our relationships in future?
Please give the forecast of my love relationship.
Please advise me on my love relationship.
Please check my health.
Are there any dangers in my future?
Please check my career opportunities.
When will I become pregnant?
Am I pregnant with a healthy pregnancy?
Please check my marriage.
Did that person decline in our relationships in past?
Please check my relationship.
Please check my financial future.
Please check my job future.

   For donations
My PayPal account: email-om@yandex.ru